Fastdrop Recycling

Recycle without sorting
and earn easy cash.

With FASTDROP, you can earn 10 cents per refundable beverage container. Here’s how you can be in and out of the depot in minutes!

Activate your FastDrop account from home and pack up your clean refundable beverage containers in a clear plastic bag. Bring your unsorted containers to our FastDrop counter, and one of our friendly staff will register your return, and you can be on your way. Our team will process the order, and your return will be in your FastDrop account in just two to seven days!

Here’s how it works:

Check-in your bags of empties at our FastDrop counter.
No sorting needed, a team member will sort, count and register the return in your account. It’s your choice. Either, come back for quick-cash in a few days or your return will be e-transferred as soon as we process your empties.

Two convenient FastDrop Account options.

Quick Account: Take your ticket and come back in a few
days for your cash refund.

Full Account: Register your account and we’ll e-transfer the returns to your bank account.

Fast Drop Recycling No sorting Needed
How to recycle with fast drop - Avoid These mistakes

Turn those savings into family fun

Not only will you be saving time at the depot, you’ll be able to save money right in your FastDrop account. Get the whole family involved and decide, together, what you’ll do with all those savings. Will it be a treat at Earnest Ice Cream, the day at Granville Island, or a vacation to Whistler?

Turn those savings into family fun Fastdrop Regional Recycling

Save time, earn cash, protect the environment.

With FASTDROP, you will be able to recycle so quickly that you’ll actually cut down the amount of time that you spend at the depot. This means less line ups, less cars idling in the parking lot, and less emissions. All while you’re earning easy cash and saving empties from the landfills. Way to go!

Skip the sorting and earn easy cash Fastdrop Regional Recycling

Which containers can you recycle with FastDrop?

With FastDrop, we take refundable beverage containers. This includes water, pop, juice, tetra packs, milk containers, aluminum cans, and plastic bottles. Drop off your containers in a clear plastic bag and no bags inside of bags! And, be sure to have given everything a quick rinse before you toss it in the bag. It’s a nicer experience for our hard-working staff and it helps ensure each load of containers can be processed.

Which Containers Can you Recycle with fastdrop
How to recycle with fast drop - Avoid These mistakes

Why we launched this convenient Recycling option in BC

We started FastDrop because our customers are busy people who care about the environment. We know that not everyone has time to sort their return in the depot so we put our heads together and came up with a solution that serves our community.

All of our BC mainland locations offer FastDrop. Just bring in your unsorted refundable beverage containers, drop your bag off with one of our staff members, and we’ll take care of the rest. Skip the sorting and earn easy cash.

Earn more for your cause

Want to be a featured organization and fundraise for your cause?

Apply to become our Charity of the Month.

Featured charities have earned $1000s for their cause, and you can too!

Create your FastDrop Account in just a few simple clicks!

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Charity Of The Month Regional Recycling
All of our facilities have been set-up to adhere to strict covid-safety
restrictions. Whether you select our Fastdrop Account or Full Account option,
your experience will be safe and convenient.
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